Processing Event

Processing Event - Norway en-GB
Processing Event - Norway en-GB
Cleaning Operation

Different from the standard procedure, the following questions of the core-questionnaire were changed from a numeric to an open question:

wrk07 wrk22 wrk35 wrk48 att11b att11d (capturing hours per week) lhi33_* lhi34_* lhi39a_* lhi39b_* (capturing frequency)

New numeric variables were created based on the information provided in the open answer, with help of the Norwegian team.


Based on non-response analysis, post-stratification weights were constructed.

Response Rate Description

Response rate - Final disposition codes:

  • Number of units drawn: 15 000
  • Number of responses: 8 032
  • Number of individuals who wanted to be deleted from the record: 6
  • Number of individuals who were deleted because they dropped off early in the questionnaire (before to reach the end of the Partnership History section): 2 986 Number of individuals who were deleted because of high number of user missings: 9 Total sample released: 5 031



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