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Processing Event - All GGP Surveys en-GB

There are three sets of processing checks that are conducted:

  1. In field checks: For improbable values, soft checks are performed to correct any mistyping of the response value. These are particularly focused on the timing of events and their association with the respondents age at the time.
  2. National Team Quality Checks: a set of interviews is checked by an independent team. When the mode of data collection is not the web, these checks are aimed at ensuring that interviewers have completed the interview in accordance with fieldwork guidelines and recorded individuals correctly.
  3. Central Quality Checks: The Central Coordination Team of the GGP have a series of data quality checks that are run over the data collected. These attempt to identify any erroneous values not caught by soft checks, assess values of specific interviewers and regions to ensure that there are no systematic or falsified responses included, and test for straight lining or non-random response patterns.

More in particular the Central Coordination Team is in charge of the following operations:

  1. Label checks : to make sure that all the variables are named the same across the countries and refer to a particular question in the GGS Questionnaire. Also the value labels are checked. They should be the same across GGS datasets.
  2. Coding country-specific response categories.
  3. Coding country-specific questions and add them at the end of file.
  4. Correct country and occupation information if needed and add ISO / ISCO codes.
  5. In case of web surveys: • Delete cases that dropped off before the end of section LHI (partnership history) • Add missing values for variables that respondents did not reach because of drop-off in sections after LHI. • Drop cases that have a very high number of missing values in data provided.

After the release of the micro-data, also a Harmonized Histories file is released at one point. In order to prepare this file, additional consistency checks are done. For example, births that are reported before ate 12 are set to missing, clear typos in year information are corrected etc.




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