Processing Event

Control Operation

Soft checks were implemented within the survey itself to screen erroneous values and data cleaning algorithms flagged problematic values once the data was submitted to the central server. These include analysis of specific interviewers and regions. Corrective instructions were issued when problematic behaviours was identified.

Cleaning Operation

There are three sets of processing checks that are conducted:

  1. In field checks: For improbable values, interviewers are given soft checks to ensure they have not mistyped the response value. These are particularly focused on the timing of events and their association with the respondents age at the time.
  2. National Team Quality Checks: 3% of the interviews are checked by an independent team to ensure that interviewers have completed the interview in accordance with fieldwork guidelines and recorded individuals correctly.
  3. Central Quality Checks: The Central Coordination Team of the GGP have a series of data quality checks that are run over the data collected. These attempt to identify any erroneous values not caught by soft checks, assess values of specific interviewers and regions to ensure that there are no systematic or falsified responses included, and test for straight lining or non-random response patterns.

A post stratifcation weight on age, sex and region is provided in the datafile (aweight)




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