Country-specific cleaning operations (Bulgaria Round 1)

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Country-specific cleaning operations (Bulgaria Round 1) en
Cleaning Operation

Data entry and system file preparation was done in collaboration with the Max Planck Institute for Demographic Research.


WAVE 1 WEIGHT VARIABLE Composed post-stratification weight that combines two weights: a) based on age, gender, region (full matrix) and b) based in age, sex, household size (margins).

WAVE 2 WEIGHT VARIABLE: metadata are forthcoming.

Response Rate Description

WAVE 1 I = Complete interview: 12858 WAVE 2 I = Complete interview: 9344 The average response rate for the country is 72.7%. The lowest realization of the sample was registered in the capital of Sofia (59.34%) where the mobility of the population is highest. 27.3% of people from the original sample had not been contacted or interviewed. In general, interviewers didn't manage to contact the same person who participated to the first wave, or people refused to be interviewed.




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