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CITATION GUIDELINES for the DATASETS: Except otherwise stated, names of the persons in the GGP national team involved in the data collection, plus members of the GGP Central Coordination Team (CCT) who were involved in the data collection and/or preparation.

CITATION GUIDELINES for DENMARK WAVE 1 DATASET: Fallesen, P., Rasmussen, E., Trille, L., Loft, G., Rijken, A., Beaupré, P., Grunwald, O., and Lombard, M, Caporali, A. Danish Harmonized Generations and Gender Survey-II. Wave 1 (2021). Version 1. Data obtained from the GGP Data Archive.

METHODOLOGY REFERENCES: We recommend users to cite the original Vikat et al. (2007) paper and a more recent one.

Vikat, A., Spéder, Z., Beets, G., Billari, F., Bühler, C., Désesquelles, A., Fokkema, T., Hoem, J., MacDonald, A., Neyer, G., Pailhé, A., Pinnelli, A., & Solaz, A. (2007). Generations and Gender Survey (GGS): towards a better understanding of relationships and processes in the life course. Demographic Research, 17, 389–440.

Gauthier, A. H., Cabaço, S., & Emery, T. (2018). Generations and Gender Survey study profile. Longitudinal and Life Course Studies, 9(4), 456-465.


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